The Dragon Pool offers a unique opportunity locally to come and have the exclusive use of a private pool, set in the grounds of a beautiful Grade II Listed Manor House.

In order to take advantage of this facilty, you need to become a Private Member of the Dragon Pool in the first instance. We will meet you at the pool, show you round the facilities and if you want to join, you will need to complete a membership form and pay an annual subscription (£30 for 2020). Call us on 07836 248192 to set up an account.

Thereafter, you can book available slots in half hour increments as often as you like on-line and pay for what you use, direct on the web. You can bring upto six people with you at any one time. Please see a short film below for Covid measures for private swimmers.

important Note: Because of the nature of the site and its location, access is restricted by a number of steps and there is no on-site parking. We have arrangements with the local pub, The Old Pound Inn, and the Seed Factory to offer parking nearby. See the Contact and Directions page for more information.

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