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The Dragon Pool provides a unique opportunity to swim in privacy with your friends and family in a  purpose built pool. It is not open to the general public, and no one else will swim with your party. Note that there is no lifeguard on duty, and you are responsible for the safety and competence of the members of your party at all times. The pool is situated in an old walled garden in the grounds of a listed house - be aware therefore that access is restricted and surfaces and steps may be uneven.

All swimming is carried out at our guests own risk and in accordance with our Normal Operating Procedures (NOP) and Code of Conduct, copies of which are available at the pool and below. You should read these and familiarise yourself with their contents before using the pool.



Private lessons also run from time to time – these are carried out by fully qualified ASA or STA swimming instructors with National Pool Lifeguarding Qualifications (NPLQ) and IOS membership and insurance. Class sizes are usually restricted to a maximum of six to ensure a high quality of personalised tuition.


Lesson run on a weekly basis during nomal term times, and as intensive week long courses in the holidays. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis, and course fees MUST be paid in full before the course begins. Cancellation less than 48 hours before the start of the course will still incur the full cost of the course.


Please enquire if you would like further information about lessons or other pool based activities.


Thank you for using our pool and enjoy your swimming




This is a private pool – please treat it as your own and respect it accordingly: Whoever uses the fob or code to gain access is responsible for all members of their party.


  • No pushing or throwing in, ducking, bullying or fighting.

  • No running around pool surroundings.

  • No bombing or excessive splashing.

  • Diving from deep end only (in front of pool cover).

  • No unaccompanied children under the age of 16.

  • No outdoor shoes may be worn on the poolside.

  • No glass or mugs. Please use the bins provided.

  • No alcohol or smoking.

  • No electrical equipment of any kind may be brought onto the premises.

  • No swimming alone – always have someone with you when in the water.

  • Please do not try to move the pool roof panels without Dragon Pool staff present - risk of structural damage or collapse if miss-handled.

  • All incidents must be reported immediately – especially any involving bodily fluids/solids.




August 2019  (v1.4)




It is the objective of The Dragon Pool to ensure that swimming pool activities are controlled to maintain a safe, enjoyable and beneficial practice. This procedure identifies the processes and procedures designed to ensure a safe, healthy and controlled environment for all users. The procedures are used in conjunction with other operational procedures to satisfy the relevant requirements of ‘Safety in Swimming Pools’ and the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act and regulations made thereunder, the Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 and the Management and Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 which require the assessment of risks of swimming pool activities and the making of arrangements for


  • Implementing health and safety measures identified to reduce risk

  • Appointing competent people to help implement arrangements

  • Provide clear information and training to employees

  • Establishing procedures for employees to follow




Length: 12 metres

Width: 6 metres

Depth: 0.9 metres going down to 1.8 metres

Pool Temp: 28-300 C


The pool is set within a walled and secure garden with a key pad for entry.

The pool is enclosed within a telescopic enclosure; this can slide back in good weather.



Entry to the pool is on foot via the main entrance to Aller Manor; we take no responsibility for vehicles or guests outside of our property and ask everyone to exercise caution when crossing the road. Once on our property access to the pool is via a footpath which leads directly to the swimming pool entrance. (A key/ or code will then be required outside of lesson times).


1. Guests are asked not to use the Manor House driveway as highways have forbidden any more volume in traffic via this route. Parking in the pub and Seed Factory or the village is possible – please park considerately and do not block gateways. Please lift share or use sustainable transport wherever possible.


2. Safety and security

CCTV cameras will be in place at various points in and around the pool area; all footage will be kept secure and will only ever be accessed in event of a complaint. If needed the guest in question would view the footage relevant to the time of the incident with the management.


3. Any complaints MUST be made within 2 weeks of any incident at which point CCTV footage will have expired unwatched.






Known Hazards

The following have been factors in past fatalities (or serious injuries) in swimming pools in the United Kingdom and therefore should be considered as possibilities:


  • Prior health problems e.g. heart trouble, asthma, epilepsy etc.

    • All guests swimming at The Dragon Pool must fill in a health screening form


  • Youth and inexperience (half of those who drown are U15)

    • Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult


  • Alcohol, drugs or food before swimming

    • No alcohol may be consumed on the premises; swimmers are advised not to swim within half an hour of a meal.


  • Poor behaviour and /or unruly behaviour and misuse of equipment

    • All swimmers must adhere to the pool safety notices and pool rules. The management reserve the right to remove any persons they consider to be disruptive or dangerous to themselves or others without explanation. Under these circumstances no refunds will be paid.


  • Possible breakage of large glass windows on either side of pool

    • Polycarbonate for enclosure does not shatter and is 20 times stronger than glass. Entry doors double glazed as specified in (Approved Document N) of schedule 1 of the Building Regulations


  • Reduced visibility due to reflection from windows/glare factor

    • Polarising sun glasses will be available to all staff


  • Weak or non-swimmers straying out of their depth

    • Clear markings are visible both on the pool surround and edge of the pool.


  • Diving into insufficient depth of water

    • Diving is only permitted within the designated area and water depths are well signed


  • Pool users returning to the pool from the changing rooms after supervised session has ended

    • No children are allowed in the swimming pool area without a responsible adult


  • Swimming aids and other objects in the water can obscure the supervisor’s view

    • Guests may bring their own inflatables but are fully responsible for any hazard they may cause


  • Unclear pool water, preventing casualties from being seen

    • Twin independent filtration systems should prevent this occurrence. The pool will be monitored twice daily by the management and swimming would be suspended if water clarity prevents a clear view of the pool floor


  • Absence of, or inadequate response by pool staff in an emergency

    • Guest use the pool at their own risk. A full first aid kit will be accessible by all users. Any incidents that occur on the premises must be logged in the accident book.






The Manor is a listed building, and some of the surfaces on the access route, especially Blue Lias, can be slippery when wet. Because of the listed status, these surfaces cannot be removed, so guests must exercise caution when using the access pathways and steps. Warning signs are in place. Guests should not stray beyond the pool area as there are old structures and redundant water tanks on the property that could present a hazard to children.



 Reducing the Risks


All pool users must comply with the following criteria:


  • Observe the Pool Rules (copy at the front of this document) strictly for all groups

  • Only dive into the deep-end shown by notices on the poolside

  • Ensure security doors are firmly shut at all times

  • Guests are requested to report any damage or deficiencies in equipment or facilities to the management immediately

  • No person may swim in the pool unless another adult is present either in the

       pool or watching from poolside


All instructors must comply with the following criteria:


  • Instructors must have passed their NPLQ or National Rescue Award for Teachers and Coaches

  • Instructors must be a member of the IOS and fully insured at all times

  • Ensure that everyone is out of the pool area at the end of each session

  • Understand that STRICTLY NO ACCESS for unauthorized persons to the Poolside is permitted unless a supervisor is present

  • Instructors must be fully conversant with the NOP and EAP

  • Staff must not disclose the door entry code to the children or to unauthorized adults

  • Instructors must never leave children in the pool unattended

  • All instructors must know the location of all the safety equipment and be trained to use it.

  • The safety equipment comprises a first aid kit and a spine board

  • Instructors must ensure that in the event of an emergency, the EAP is followed


Pool operators must:


  • Observe safe recruitment and safeguarding principles in accordance with the child Protection and Safeguarding policies including regular training.

  • Ensure the quality of water and pool equipment and environment are maintained to the highest standard.

  • All instructors must insure that their lifeguard training, insurance and CPD’s are up to date at all times

  • Pool Plant Operators qualifications to be regularly updated





  • Maximum class sizes of 10 for Aqua fit or Swim School sessions although the majority of lessons will be for 6 swimmers

  • Private Hire must be a minimum of 2 swimmers and a maximum of 10.

  • The management will make every effort to ensure the cleanliness of the pool is kept at a very high standard however guests are expected to leave to pool and changing rooms clean and tidy at all times

  • Children under 16 years must be accompanied by a competent adult swimmer in the water with them at all times.

  • Maximum ratio: two children per adult

  • Adults and children must not swim if they have had diarrhea in the past 14 days



Management can be reached on 07481779151


Outside EMERGENCY SERVICES can be reached by dialling 999 - grid reference for the site in waiting room


The Dragon Pool

The Manor

TA10 0RA



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